Towson Innovation Lab island preparing for spring 2010 classes

New improvements and additions on the Towson Innovation Lab island are taking shape for the start of spring 2010 classes at Towson University. Classes begin Monday 25 January. Stop by and visit the island http://bit.ly/towson-innovation-lab. For more information on how to get started in Second Life view the How to/Getting Started topics on the TUinSecondLife blog.

informal virtual gatherings Monday evenings on Towson Innovation Lab

For the 4th semester running SLTeam faculty will continue to hold informal virtual gatherings on Monday evenings starting at 8:30 pm for Q&A, demonstrations and virtual tours. Anyone interested in joining the group is encouraged to log in and introduce yourself/avatar. We start pretty much on time each week and stay at least until 9 pm, most often until later. These meetings will begin Monday the 1st of February.
Once you have logged into SL, IM Bee Zimminy for a teleport to the virtual location of the group.

If you are new to SL you can review our previous blog posts about how to get started in SL http://bit.ly/TUinSL-howto


Teaching at Towson takes on a Second life

At the fall 2009 Department of Art+Design faculty art exhibition New Work, Professors Jan Baum and Bridget Sullivan exhibited the video Teaching at Towson Takes on a Second Life. You can watch the video here on indefinite display on youtube.com We hope to be adding more in the upcoming months.