Towson Innovation Lab setting for student building sessions

Last Monday evening a number of students showed up for an in-world building session. It was great fun and we all had a good LOL while leanring about PRIMS and scripting. Please join us for the fun on an upcoming Monday evening. Bee Zimminy is in world about 8 PM Eastern time. Just IM her for an invite.


Towson Innovation Lab island is born!

Last night Ruby Snook, Valen Voom and Bee Zimminy checked out the terraform build of the new Towson Innovation Lab island in Second Life. The New Media Consortium is building the island for the TU-SL team and Larry Pixel (Larry Johnson CEO, NMC) anticipates it should be complete in the next few weeks.
The island is not yet open to the public, but will be as soon as the build is complete.
Stay tuned for progress reports and photos.