TU Design Faculty present SL work at UCDA Design Education Summit

Jan Baum, Bridget Sullivan and Jessica Ring, Department of Art+Design, presented the following papers at the Annual Design Education Summit, held in Mobile, Ala., May 28-30: Teaching Design in Second Life: Institutional, Program and Course Level Implementation Strategies, Jan Baum and Bridget Sullivan; Teaching Interactive Media and Object Design using Web2.0 technologies and Second Life, Jan Baum and Bridget Sullivan; Fostering Community, Connections and Change Through Green Mapping, Jessica Ring; and Design and Social Entrepreneurship, a.k.a. Design Like You Give a Damn, Jan Baum.

Getting Started in SL

Fall 2009 is just around the corner.
If you will be using Second Life in an upcoming course at Towson University you may find previous Getting Started posts useful. For general information, video tutorials and other useful SL resources follow the Getting Started link (also listed under Topics on the left).